Tempercon Benefits


The simple-to-operate Tempercon TC33 serial digital controllers for swimming pool heat pumps means you can stay in your favorite swimming pool and SPA Pool, to adjust the water to your preferred temperature. You can just “set it and forget it”.


Tempercon TC33 serial digital controllers can automatic control swimming pool heat pumps for heating or cooling to reach the perfect temperature, so you can relax and get straight on with enjoying your day. Tempercon allow you to use your time more productively. Your desired temperature is achieved effectively, and then accurately maintained, automatically.

Energy Efficient

Tempercon is a world leader in the field of digital swimming pool heat pump controllers and aquaculture temperature controlling solution services. For every 1 kW of power consumed by water heat pump, around 5 kW in swimming pool heating is created. Tempercon systems give you accurate temperature control, so water need never overheat.


Tempercon control systems reduce power bills by ensuring that water are only heated or cooled when you need them to be. Tempercon TC33 serial digital controllers are specifically designed to control swimming pool heat pumps that are up to five times more effective than electric, gas or oil heaters!  High efficiency means low running costs and a cleaner environment.