TC33 Series Introductions 

Tempercon is a world leading manufacturer of digital water heat pump controllers which are used widely in the fields of swimming pool, SPA, underfloor heating, air heating, winery, dairy, domestic hot water and aquaculture.

TC33 series Digital controllers absolutely can be used to control fridge, chiller, cold room refrigeration system, heater, heat pump, solar water heater, hot cold water circulator pumps, air-conditioning, room air thermostat unit, dehumidifier, heat transfer and duct fan ventilation system. 

It is suitable for most applications that you need to control temperature of air, water, liquid, gas and solid material.





General Notes:  The controller must be installed in a place protected from extreme vibration, impact, water, corrosive gases, and where temperatures and moisture do not exceed the maximum rating levels indicated in the specifications. The customer accepts all liability and risk relating to configuration of the product in order to reach the expected results in relation to the specific installation and/or equipment. The failure to complete such phase, which is indicated in the instructions, may cause the final product to malfunction. Tempercon accepts no liability in such cases. Customer must use the product only in the instructions described in the documentation relating to the product. The liability of Tempercon in relation to its products is specified in the Tempercon general contract conditions or by specific agreements with customers.