Magnetic Drive Pump
Model CQ magnetic drive pump (magnetic pump for short) is a new product that applies operating principle of permanent magnetic coupling to centrifugal pump, it features rational design, advanced technique, full sealing without leakage and corrosion resistance, its performance is up to advanced level of similar products in the world.
Upper magnetic drive pump uses gasket type seal instead of dynamic seal, so flow passage parts of the pump are completely sealed, thus running, emitting, dripping and leaking problems that are inevitable to mechanical seal of other pumps have been solved thoroughly. Magnetic drive pump adopts corrosion resistant, high strenth engineering plastics, corundum ceramics and stainless steel etc as raw material, therefore, it has good corrosion resistance, and prevents the conveyed medium from contamination.

Main use:
Magnetic drive pump features compact structure, good-looking appearance, small size, low noise, reliable operation, convenient usage and maintenance, may be used widely for pumping acid, alkaline liquors, oils rare and valuable solutions, venom, volatile liquids in chemical engineering, pharmaceutical, petroleum, electroplating, food, film photo developing and printing, scientific research institution, national defense industry etc units; as well as an auxiliary equipment for circulating water equipment, auxiliary equipment for filter. Especially for pumping of leaky, inflammable and explosive liquids, this pump is more ideal.
Model Note:
Structure Chart:
Parts Material
1.fixed screw and washer stainless steel
2.Case Glass fiber reinforce polypropylene
3.Shaft Alumina ceramic
4.Impeller Glass fiber reinforce polypropylene
5.Drived magnet Sr ferrite
6.Sealring Eluoride rubber (FKM) or ternaryethy lenepropylene rubber (EPDM)
7.Insulate sheath Glass fiber reinforce polypropylene
8.Driving magnet Sr ferrite
Installation Dimensions:
Model a b c d e G h H W L
8CQ-2 30 50 68 5.5 46.5 143 56 130 85 220.5
10CQ-3 40 64 100 9 48 169.5 60 138 120 252.5
15CQ-4 40 64 100 9 48 170.5 60 138 120 277
Performance Curves:
Technical Data:
Model Dia. Highest Head
Max. Capacity
Package Dimension
8CQ-2 8 6 2 15 20 2750 220~240 10 17 722530
10CQ-3 10 10 3 20 20 2750 220~240 10 22 722530
15CQ-4 15 10 4 25 40 2750 220~240 10 34 722530